What are the great benefits of rowing machines ?

Many of the trainers choose to prefer the tracks for walking or running. Cycling and so on and much less the rowing machine for aerobic exercise – all you did not know about the rowing machine in the next article

Stepper. Track, Cross Trainer, Bikes (various types) and rowing equipment are the main aerobic devices available in fitness clubs. The least popular is the rowing device. Many of the trainers choose to prefer the tracks for walking or running. Cycling and so on and much less the rowing machine. That depends quite a bit, incidentally, on the club’s gym manuals. It is important to note that although the difficulty in performing the aerobic exercise in the paddling device is relatively high compared with the other instruments, it is not intended to strengthen skeletal systems. However, a certain load is exerted on the skeletal system – the passive and active muscle is more significant than the other instruments, depending, of course, on the performance of the aerobic activity, from the body’s position. The difficulty level of the effort, the position of the body, and more. The advantages of performing aerobic activity specifically in the paddling device and not in many other devices, and the following points are important for attention:

1. The degree of involvement of the muscles that operate during the aerobic exercise – although the muscles in the paddle device are quite similar to the muscles working in other instruments, the degree of their involvement is greater. For example; Hamstrings, QUadriceps, Gluteus Maximus, musculoskeletal muscles, are significantly more active in the rowing device than any other aerobic device due to the high rotational component (the back is tilted forward during activity). Therefore, it should be noted that trainees with problems and sensitivity in the lower back are recommended. Another point here is strengthening core-core muscles during activity. These are deep muscles in the form of strengthening and activating them in all spheres of life – very important.

2, the effect on BMR (Basal Metabolism) – Because of the high involvement of skeletal muscles at relatively high intensity relative to traditional aerobic activity, the effect on BMR is greater. It is important to remember that the BMR is affected by several parameters such as; The degree of stress applied to skeletal systems. The higher it is, the greater the effect. The training protocol – sets, repetitions, weight, rest times and more. Therefore, the paddle device, although not an aerobic device, has a greater contribution to BMR. However, it is important to note that in any case it is necessary to carry out resistance training on a regular basis and not to be satisfied with the performance of a rowing device or other devices. Then you can also contribute to the process of losing weight and the percentage of fat that is the most common training goal in exercise.

3. Caloric expenditure at a given time – Compared to other aerobic equipment, in the rowing device, calorie expenditure is generally higher. This depends of course on a number of variables such as; The intensity of the effort – the pulse, the position of the body, the dynamism of the effort (the number of movements performed per minute), the hour of the day (morning – evening). Weather and more. Thus, it can be said that performing aerobic exercise in the paddling device is certainly suitable for maximizing calorie expenditure in aerobic exercise.

4. The degree of coordination required relative to other aerobic instruments, the coordination required in the rowing device is higher. It is important to note that coordination is one of the important components of physical health. Nevertheless, not many of the trainees place special emphasis on their training in the life cycle. Activity in the paddle device is not a classical coordination exercise, but it is still possible to improve cognitive ability to a certain extent, and thus an advantage over other instruments.

5. After-training (reconstruction) recovery processes – Because the training intensity of the rowing device is high, the rebuilding processes are more significant and therefore may have a greater training effect. That is, the improvement in physical capacity may be more significant by regular performance of the aerobic activity in the rowing device.

6. The pulse during the activity of the paddling device in most cases is already in the first minute begins at a intensity that is high enough to improve aerobic capacity. The important thing is that there may be incidental cases such as walking, biking or swimming, which sometimes exercise at all do not reach the lower threshold (at least 60 percent) to improve aerobic capacity. (Except for people with common, weight-bearing illnesses).
The reason, among other things, for a significant increase in heart rate is, as noted above, the great involvement of the muscles and body posture.

7. The skill required – the rowing device is relatively high and requires learning of the technique. Otherwise, there may be loads on the joints of the spine, lower limbs and more.
In this case, the problem for older adults suffering from low back problems and untrained exercisers and more.

8. The secretion of anabolic hormones in activity – Anabolic hormones, including testosterone, are known to be secreted in anaerobic training, especially in complex foot exercises (such as squats and deadlifts) and low repetitions and high weights. However, aerobic training also involves the secretion of anabolic hormones, which depends on the intensity of the workout. Because the paddling device is activated by many muscles, at relatively high intensity relative to the other aerobic devices and the operation of the lower extremities, it is most likely observed that the secretion of anabolic hormones is more significant.

In conclusion
The paddling machine can be used on a regular basis, with reference to the above. In addition, we note that the training can be combined with other devices, thus preventing boredom in training, reducing loads in the various body systems and more.